As a longtime state leader, nurse, and mom, Bethany Hall-Long has the experience and vision to make Delaware the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

A lifelong Delawarean, Bethany was born and raised in Sussex County, on her family’s farm with her parents and two brothers. She comes from a family of faith leaders who taught her that to whom much is given, much is expected - especially when it comes to serving others.

When Bethany was eleven years old, tragedy struck her family: her father was in a traumatic accident that left him in a wheelchair and out of work. Not long after that, both her mother and brother were diagnosed with cancer. Through faith, the tireless efforts of their nurses and doctors, and the kindness of their community, Bethany’s mom, brother, and father all recovered. She and her husband, Dana, raised their son, Brock, here in Delaware because she knows that is who Delawareans are - people who take care of each other.

Bethany never forgot the kindness of her community, and taking her parents’ lessons on the importance of service to heart, she followed her calling to become a nurse. With the great education she received in Delaware’s public schools, she went on to become a nurse, studying at the same hospital that saved her mother’s life. 

Bethany has worked as a nurse her entire career, teaching thousands of the next generation of nurses at the University of Delaware, where she is a card-carrying union member. She’s seen firsthand the importance of health care policy, from working in the perinatal unit with grieving mothers faced with terminating non-viable pregnancies to witnessing families who couldn’t afford the care they desperately needed. 

Bethany’s experience as a nurse led her to continue her service in the State House and later State Senate, fighting for healthier communities. In the legislature, she expanded access to affordable care for thousands and led efforts to address mental health and substance use disorders. She also spearheaded efforts to invest in much-needed infrastructure and protect our environment.

And for the last six years, Bethany has served boldly as the 26th Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, championing investments in public education, paid family leave, affordable health care, and small businesses. She has been a national leader on tackling the opioid crisis and improving access to mental health treatment. Committed to keeping communities safe, she was proud to work with legislators to pass Delaware’s assault weapons ban and reforms to make our criminal justice system more equitable. 

Not only does Bethany have a strong record of fighting for Delaware, she has the bold vision to move Delaware forward. As Governor, Bethany will fight tirelessly to make Delaware the best place to live, work and raise a family, from expanding access to health care, to fighting for early childhood education, to growing an economy that works for everyone.

Bethany lives with her high school sweetheart and husband of 37 years, Dana, in Middletown. She is the proud mom of her son, Brock.