Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long

A Leader in the Community

Lead by her commitment to make Delaware stronger and healthier, Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long is widely recognized as a leader who uses her skills to bring people together, build consensus, and help find common sense solutions to the real issues facing Delaware.  

During her years in the legislature and as Lieutenant Governor, Bethany, saw the devastating effects the opioid epidemic had on those suffering and their families. She engaged those on the front lines, who were touched by this tragedy and brought them all together. As the leading voice behind the creation of the Behavioral Health Consortium, her efforts have helped bring substantive and effective change in Delaware to help create a behavioral health system that works for everyone. 

As a nurse, Lt. Governor and Professor Bethany has worked to improve health outcomes for our most vulnerable Delawareans. Combating addiction, fighting cancer and health inequities, and creating a stronger behavioral health system has been the focus of her public service. In 2018 she launched the Lt. Governor’s Challenge 2.0 to shine a light on the impact leaders in our State have made to promote wellness, both physical and emotional health and to inspire others to live healthier lives

Recent Awards and Recognitions

A Leader in the Nation

Beyond service to the state of Delaware, Bethany has provided national leadership. She currently serves as the Chair of the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association and has previously served as treasurer and Chair-Elect. She recently completed a successful year-long term as Co-Chair of the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association.

Maintaining her strong commitment to education, Bethany was the first nursing faculty at UD to receive the University-wide excellence in teaching award and is currently a Professor of Nursing and Joint Faculty in Urban Affairs. Her research and community service record with at-risk groups such as pregnant teens, diabetics, homeless and those with behavioral health issues, makes her a nationally recognized health scientist. She completed her PhD in health policy and nursing administration from George Mason University, and served as a fellow for the U.S. Senate as well as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

From 2002-2017, Bethany served as a member of Delaware’s legislature, first as a Representative and then as a Senator. 

She has been a tireless advocate for health and wellness her entire life.